Urban sketch “Cavern club” / アーバンスケッチ “キャバーンクラブ “



I started to practice Urban sketch. This is Cavern club at liver pool. It is one of the most famous club in the world because of Beatles.

I have opportunity to go to Barcelona in October. And I look forward to sketch the beautiful city. So I need to improve my skill of sketch as mach as possible. :)

Air Flake / エアーフレイク



I added new my work.
Please check it :)


Please check it

Kurabo is the cotton spinning company. they developed “the Air Flake” that it is the new fiber.
This fiber is light ,warm , and soft like a feather. And This is the chemical fiber. Thus it can wash and it could use with many type of clothes.

It has potent possibility to replace a duck’s feather. Then eventually it will help for ducks.

I did branding for “Air Flake”. Made the concept, and made the poster, leaflets , tag for exhibition.

株式会社クラボウ様が開発された、羽毛に変わる科学繊維「エアーフレイク」のブランディングをさせていただきました。この繊維は天然羽毛の構造から学び、羽毛の持つ「あたたかさ」「軽さ」「柔らかさ」、科学繊維の持つ「加工性」「洗える」というメリットを併せ持つ、次世代の繊維です。 ブランディングの際は「誰のために」「何のために」といった共通理解を再定義し、「Air Flake」の世界感を作りなおしました。表に出る部分ではありませんが、このコンセプトワークがあって初めてポスター、チラシといったデザインに進んでいきます。 ブランディングに加え、今回は展示会用のポスター、チラシ、タグなどのデザインもさせていただきました。

Please check it

Gaudi and Inoue takehiko exhibition / ガウディ×井上雄彦展


I saw the exhibition of Gaudi and Inoue yesterday. Inoue is a famous cartoonist in Japan and he was an auther of SLAM DUNK.
It is a popular comic in Asia.

You may know about Gaudi.


This exhibition expresses Gaudi’s creativity through Inoue’s cartoon. It is an interesting attempt in exhibition.

Cartoon is popular in Japan. But most people recognize the cartoon is just an entertainment.

Inoue has been showed us a cartoon has possible to become an Art.

In my opinion, the cartoone has potent tool of communication.
Thus designer will be able to learn how we tell things to people’s heart from cartoon.


By the way, I visited Barcelona 2 times when I was 20 and 22 years old.

I enjoyed Gudi’s architecture. And I understood that what things influenced to gaudi when I visited the Montserrat.


I hope I will have opportunity to go back to Barcelona again.I’ve been studying Spanish.Thus I could enjoy more than before. :)


Urban sketch / アーバンスケッチ



I got a book of urban sketch from my girlfriend yesterday.
There are nice pictures in this book. It reminds me that when I traveled around the Europe.

It is story of the time I was 20 years old before I become a designer.

I had opportunity to sketch a beautiful architectures. When I enjoyed sketching, lot of people came up to me and talked to me. Then I noticed that picture is not only picture. It has possible to tool of communication. It was good experience. And it was a one of the reason I become designer.

Design is not for decoration. It is tool of connecting with people and society. When I lost something in my mind, I usually remind about traveling. Because it is motivation of my design.

Anyway I love to improve my sketching like this book.

Katsuji book marker / Good Design Collection



Today I want to present a book marker. I need to explain about Japanese character before I present it .

Japanese character is uncommon compared with the character of other languages. Most languages use one character for one language. But a Japanese character uses three characters such as “Hiragana” “Kanji” “Katakana”.

Usually “Hiragana” uses for coupling end of adjectives and verbs. And particles. or we use hiragana instead of difficult Kanji.

“Kanji” uses for noun , adjective and verb, and Japanese name.

“Katakana” uses for foreign word , name and onomatopoeia.

And it is able to express same sounds in different character. In my name’s case, “もりひろ” “守宏” “モリヒロ” . it means my name “Morihiro”.

I know it is too long explanation.
But it is necessary for understanding this product. Because “Hiragana” is not famous than “Kanji” in other country.


Let’s go back to a story about book marker.

This book maker is designed by good product designer that Design office A4.

This book maker use the “hiragana”. it looks like a Character which came out from novel .

It is simple idea and design. it has not decoration. But this product will remain in the mind. That’s why this product has a charm.

I got the book marker “も”. Because of it is one of my name. :)

you can see his other works here.

4 / 512345



阿部守宏/グラフィック&ウェブデザイナー。関西のデザイン事務所数社でデザイナーとして経験をつみ、2011年4月に独立。その後、企業、製品のブランディングから、カタログ、ウェブサイトなどを中心に製作しています。主にデザインとして目に見える形となる前のコンセプト作りを大事にしています。 ご依頼、ご質問などございましたらお気軽にこちらからお問い合わせください。

My name is Morihiro Abe and I'm a freelance graphic/web designer. I have been doing design for 10 years. I like figuring out how things work correctly with a design. And it is good opportunity to know a person and a community. By the way I could help you if you have proposal something for Japanese.
Please ask me anything!

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