Japanese sake of asahiyama zoo / Good Design Collection



One of the famous zoo in japan is Asahiyama zoo in Hokkaido.
Every year more than 1.5 million people has been visited this zoo.

I had a vacation last year, and I went to Hokkaido. Fortunately I had opportunity to visit there.


I don’t remember, it was when I visited a zoo last time is.
So I enjoyed a lot to spent a time with animals.


After that , I went to a souvenir shop, and I found a Japanese sake (it is Japanese traditional alcohol). A label is printed a children who enjoy a zoo. it looks like for a child. but I liked it. Because of it’s unusual of label for sake.


You can see a boys smile when you turn the bottle. they enjoy watching to animals.
I didn’t notice when I bought it. It was good suprise.

If you have opportunity to go Hokkaido. I recommend to go to Asahiyama zoo. It could be fun.

Paper product of TYVEK by GreenWood Lab / Good Design Collection



When I went to Taiwan I found an interesting product.
It is made by paper that TYVEK. Good points are 100% water proof, 100% tear proof. It is interesting due to it looks normal paper.


These products designed by 2 designers in Taiwan.
Their brand name is “GreenWood Lab”
And they have a website, you will see their works there.


I’ve been using a passport case. I don’t have to care about water, sweat. So it is convenient to mobile.

Balsam Belorussky / Good Design Collection


I introduce my favorite design things.
Today is about liquor.

I got souvenir from my Belarussian good friend 2 years ago. It is a liquor that “бальзам белорусский”.
бальзам is balsam in english.

Balsam “Belorussky” is high-extractive, toning up alcoholic drink with soft, bitterish, slightly cooling taste. Aroma is complex, approximated, with slightly allocated aroma of propolis. 22 extracts enter into its composition: medicinal and aromatic plants and fruits having toning up and strengthening an effect on organism, raising immunologic reactance of an organism. Balsam “Belarussky” is recommended as the additive to coffee, tea, vodka, ice-cream to which it gives original taste and aroma.
Alcohol content – 40 %.

I quoted this description from

This bottle has good shape, good design and also quality.
It was good to know about it.

The balsam has 40% degree.
My friend told me, it could be good to drink with coffee. but I never tried.
I can’t drink potent alcoholic drinks.
So I enjoy just looking…

It was good souvenir for me :)

Isson Tanaka / Japanese inspiration art


I have been impressed with Japanese Art. Especially I like old Japanese painter such as “Hokusai” and “Zyakuchu”. Not a little I seem to have received their influence .

About 2 years ago , I visited Amami island. There was a beautiful sea and great nature I’ve ever seen.

I had opportunity to visit museum of Isson Tanaka there. I had never heard his name before I visited there. He was a Japanese painter socalled “Nihonga”. He had great skill of painting.

you can see his works here.

He moved to Amami island when he was 50 years old. And he painted a nature and birds there. These painting were great. But unfortunately he was not succeed during his life.

After he died, TV show introduced his painting. Then people got know how much he was great painter.

If you have opportunity to visit Amami island , I recommend to go to this museum of Isson Tanaka.


My website is renewed


I renewed my website. You will see my works here. Please check it.

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Please ask me anything!

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