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Today I want to present a book marker. I need to explain about Japanese character before I present it .

Japanese character is uncommon compared with the character of other languages. Most languages use one character for one language. But a Japanese character uses three characters such as “Hiragana” “Kanji” “Katakana”.

Usually “Hiragana” uses for coupling end of adjectives and verbs. And particles. or we use hiragana instead of difficult Kanji.

“Kanji” uses for noun , adjective and verb, and Japanese name.

“Katakana” uses for foreign word , name and onomatopoeia.

And it is able to express same sounds in different character. In my name’s case, “もりひろ” “守宏” “モリヒロ” . it means my name “Morihiro”.

I know it is too long explanation.
But it is necessary for understanding this product. Because “Hiragana” is not famous than “Kanji” in other country.


Let’s go back to a story about book marker.

This book maker is designed by good product designer that Design office A4.

This book maker use the “hiragana”. it looks like a Character which came out from novel .

It is simple idea and design. it has not decoration. But this product will remain in the mind. That’s why this product has a charm.

I got the book marker “も”. Because of it is one of my name. :)

you can see his other works here.



阿部守宏/グラフィック&ウェブデザイナー。関西のデザイン事務所数社でデザイナーとして経験をつみ、2011年4月に独立。その後、企業、製品のブランディングから、カタログ、ウェブサイトなどを中心に製作しています。主にデザインとして目に見える形となる前のコンセプト作りを大事にしています。 ご依頼、ご質問などございましたらお気軽にこちらからお問い合わせください。

My name is Morihiro Abe and I'm a freelance graphic/web designer. I have been doing design for 10 years. I like figuring out how things work correctly with a design. And it is good opportunity to know a person and a community. By the way I could help you if you have proposal something for Japanese.
Please ask me anything!

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