KURABO AirFlake Branding /2015

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  • Design
  • Branding
  • Poster

Kurabo is the cotton spinning company. they developed the "Air Flake" that it is the new fiber. This fiber is light ,warm , and soft like a feather. And This is the chemical fiber. Thus it can wash and it could use with many type of clothes.

It has potent possibility to replace a duck's feather. Then eventually it will help for ducks.

I did branding for "Air Flake". Made the concept, and desgined the poster, leaflet , and tag for exhibition.

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Easel Art Studio's CD /2012

  • CD jacket
  • Design
  • Illustlation

This music cd is created by "Easel Arts Studio". And this music is for women who is a pregnant.

I designed the cover jacket. And I drew an illustration.

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Cuseberry Ad on TocoToco /2013

  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Photo

Cuseberry is the brand of baby and mama's product. They have been developing a buckle carriers , mother's diary cover, baby clothes and more. They have a passion for making product. And these products will great help for a life with child.

I have been doing branding. I made logo, DM, card, landing page,and more.


Django Poster /2012

  • Design
  • Illustlation

Django is a bar and restaurant in osaka Japan. They made the space by themselves. It took a more than a year. And they has been grown a vegetables for dishes by themselves. so you will enjoy a food , drink , space , and good music there.

I did branding. I made logo, webdesign, DM, and Poster.



  • Design
  • Label

Gotopon is a kind of dressing which made by Goto-san. She has been using a principal products of Kochi district.

I made a label.



阿部守宏/グラフィック&ウェブデザイナー。関西のデザイン事務所数社でデザイナーとして経験をつみ、2011年4月に独立。その後、企業、製品のブランディングから、カタログ、ウェブサイトなどを中心に製作しています。主にデザインとして目に見える形となる前のコンセプト作りを大事にしています。2021年7月より株式会社ウォークアンドドローとして法人化。 ご依頼、ご質問などございましたらお気軽にこちらからお問い合わせください。

My name is Morihiro Abe and I'm a freelance graphic/web designer. I have been doing design for 10 years. I like figuring out how things work correctly with a design. And it is good opportunity to know a person and a community. By the way I could help you if you have proposal something for Japanese.
Please ask me anything!

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